Travelling with Ala Too Travel

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan! We will give you the most unforgettable and positive impressions from the country!

What does "Ala-Too" mean ?
Ala-Too is a mountain range in Kyrgyzstan and means "multicoloured mountains". The top of the Ala-Too mountains always stays covered with snow and from a distance it looks very colourful. The mountain range Ala-Too stretches out for approximately 375km. from west to east. The large and famous lake of Kyrgyzstan Issyk kol is situated in the embrace of two parts of this mountain range, Kungoy (‘sunny’) Ala-Too and Teskey (“in the shadow”) Ala-Too, the city Karakol also lies in their embrace. Our main office is situated in Karakol. Hence the name of our tour company.

What can you do in Kyrgyzstan?
Do you like...
•    adventure: horse riding, hiking, rafting.
•    fresh mountain-air, sweet-scented flowers, bright skies rich with the stars
•    getting acquainted with a different culture, the people and their way of life
•    to explore a new country
•    to enjoy a different kitchen using only domestic bioproducts
•    absolute silence and endless space far from the noise and the stir of the city
•    the outdoor life
•    freedom from the measure of the time
•     to experience something new
... then you came to the right place!!!

about us:
The tour Company Ala  Too travel is run by the Kyrgyz-Dutch couple.

is a sporty Dutch man who adores walking and horseriding. Andre speaks German, English and Dutch. He can answer to all of your questions about the various trips and is in charge of your trip until it starts in Kyrgyzstan. He is also in charge of the financial and technical side of the company Ala Too travel. Andre often has been in Kyrgyzstan and has had many trips around the countryside.

is an experienced Kyrgyz guide-interpreter, has been working in Touristic sphere more than 6 years. She has led different kind of tours such as horse riding, trekking, Silk-Road tours, photo and cultural tours. Mostly she has been working with German, Dutch, Austrian and Switzerland tourists. She speaks German fluently and knows the land very well. Gulzhan was born and raised in the Issyk Kol province.
She studied and graduated as a German teacher but the last three years she has been working only in the tourism sphere.  She was responsible for planning and arranging tours.
In every trip you will be accompanied by an English or German speaking guide-interpreter. You will be introduced to the history of the country, specific features of the culture and the way of life. During your stay your guide-interpreter will help you to make contact with locals and answer to questions you might have.

Mostly our guide-interpreters are the students or young English and German teachers, which work in summer time as Guide-interpreters to advance their knowledge. When you are on Horse riding or Trekking tours you will be accompanied by special, local guides which know the area very well. They accompany you in the mountains and summer pastures and take care of the horses.

We use a couple of different means of transportation like rented busses and cars. The trip from one place to another usually takes some time because not all the mountain roads are paved with asphalt. A lot of roads need renovation. Also the distance between the different stops is big. Of course there is always an opportunity to stop, take a break, stretch your legs, visit a market or a shop. In Kyrgyzstan the streets don’t always have signposts with street names on it. All our drivers are very familiar with our routes and are very responsible.  The trip from Osh-Bishkek or Bishkek-Osh will be done by plane, using one of the local (Kyrgyz) airline-companies.

What do we offer?
We offer completely arranged trips for individual or small group of people, English/German guidance from the beginning until the end of your trip, food, accommodation, all entrance fees and transfers as per itinerary and local guides. These give an opportunity for our guests to enjoy a variety of nature, to visit many cultural sites and meet the local people without worrying about the trip arrangements.

For small groups we have developed a number of standard tours. You can visit our website under the title "tour programs". In our standard tours there are such activities as short hikes and horseback riding which are partially enclosed. The Kyrgyz horses are very quiet and are used to the tourists, so for the beginner there is nothing to worry about while riding them.

Off course we also offer you individual trips, family trips or trips with friends. We’d love to arrange your trip according to your choice and budget. Then the travel dates are up to you to choose.

The hiking and riding tours are in the mountains or on the summer pastures. The tours can also be customized according to your desire and your physical condition.
We work directly with the locals who enjoy working with us. They provide us with food, accommodation in yurts or guest houses and help you with the various activities.
This is also important for the income of the local people.

Ala Too is an environmentally conscious travel company. We comply with the rules of sustainable tourism, and try to minimize the negative influences on the landscape, social and cultural environment as much as possible.



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André and Gulzhan.

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Our Guesthouse Riverside in Karakol.