Overnight in guesthouse, with families at home and in yurts. The yurts are circular tents made of wooden frames covered with felt. The felt is made of sheep's fat, so you're protected from wind, sun and rain. The yurts are often decorated inside with Kyrgyz rugs.
You will sleep in yurt on the traditional way, which is on the ground. Blankets are plentiful in the yurts. Because of the cold nights, it is wise to bring a sleeping bag. The guesthouses are in the villages and towns. They have beds (including linen), toilets and showers.

Enkele yurten die staan langs het Son-Kul meer.




Some yurts along the Son-Kul lakeangs het Son-Kulmeer.

Een veelvoorkomend beeld van een guesthouse.  



A comman image of a guesthouse.


Guesthouse Riverside Karakol