Travel information

Kyrgyzstan has an extreme continental climate. It can be up to -35 °C in winter, and in summer the heat can rise up to + 45 °C. There are big differences between plains and mountain regions. In the low lying areas, in Osh, Djalal-Abad, Talas and Chuy it's usually hot in summer. In the summer the mountain regions have a mild climate. But the climate is due to the low humidity very acceptable. In the mountains, the temperature at night drops to + 3 °C. The higher you get the colder the nights are. In the morning while the sun is shining, the temperature rises again to an average of 20 ° C. Because of the weather fluctuations, it is highly advisable to take warm clothes, sleeping bags and raincoats with you. The best time to travel is June till September.

• Aeroflot, over Moscow
• Turkish Airlines, over Istanbul

Visa information
44 Countries can travel 60 days in Kyrgyzstan without a visa.  Your passport must be valid at least 6 months beyond the planned return date.
Check this website if you need a visa.

The following vaccinations are recommended:  Hepatitis B (for example for longer stays), typhoid (in case of residence under simple hygienic conditions), rabies (for example for longer stays and contact with animals). There is the risk of tick-borne encephalitis disease for trips into the forested mountains in the early summer months. Local licensed vaccinations are not recommended, you should get the appropriate vaccinations in your home country.

Best travel time
June, July, August and early September are the best months to travel around omin Kyrgyzstan. The weather is then stable and most of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous, making the hot summers are pleasant. An average temperature ranges from 24 - is 35 °C.
Kyrgyz is the official language in Kyrgyzstan. In addition, there are many Russian and some English spoken.
• Aeroflot over Moscow
• Turkish Airlines over Istanbul
Som is the currency of Kyrgyzstan.
€ 1 is approximately 72 sum. 1 US $ 67 sum.
New euro banknotes are welcomed in Kyrgyzstan (50, 100 euro banknotes).
In most cases operate ATMs in Kyrgyzstan with visas, some with maestro. It is therefore important to bring cash. We recommend approximately about € 150 to establish, - pocket money for personal expenses. There are many exchange offices in Bishkek, Karakol and Osh, making it easy to exchange money.

The voltage is 220 V, frequency 50 Hz.
In Kyrgyzstan the problems with electricity happen often, especially in rural areas. In the big cities there are less problems. In the yurts there is no electricity. Please bring your flashlights!

  Mountains of Kyrgyzstan
Mountains covered with snow.


Russian Orthodoxe Churge in KarakolThe Russisch-Orthodoxe Churge in Karakol.


Jeti OguzThe broken hart in the canyon Jeti- Oguz.


ArslanbobOn the way to the bazaar in Arslanbob.